" The experiences you encounter throughout your life eventually help shape you into the person that you become. Being raised in a low-income family, I understand the struggles experienced by those in need. Unfortunately, I had to witness friends' lives being lost due to gang violence, classmates dropping out of high school, an increasing homeless population, and friends who could not find a job after their service in the military. Fortunately, I was one of the few who made it out and was able to attend college. 

      As I pursued my career goal of becoming a dentist, I decided to dedicate my career towards giving back to those in need. I always loved entertaining my friends and making them laugh. That's when the idea of Entertainment Healers was born. So during college, I put together this idea of using the power of entertainment to help those who are less fortunate. After years of saving and piecing together my dream of giving back, I finally present to you, Entertainment Healers!



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Dr. James Younan D.M.D, MPH


      Healthcare and Entertainment, how is that possible? Entertainment Healers is changing the way you think about Healthcare. We aim to educate, empower, and improve access to healthcare, all while having a good time. How might you ask? Entertainment Healers combines entertaining events, such as concerts and comedy shows, with a health fair. Each event is tailored to a specific community. What do we mean by that?


For example, let's say we are hosting an event in Oakland, CA. The health fair will bring together all of the health care providers, serving the Oakland community, to meet and greet the residents of Oakland. This helps to improve access to healthcare by uniting providers with potential patients. At the health fair, the attendees can schedule appointments with any of the providers and will receive free healthcare educational information. There will also be free screenings, such as blood pressure screenings and oral cancer screenings. But it doesn't stop there. For the residents who are interested in joining the healthcare field, there will be a specific booth that connects these prospective students with a mentor. These mentors will help guide the students through the processes involved in their career paths, such as personal statements, resumes, testings, and application processes. After the health fair, its times for some entertainment!         


The residents are invited to a live entertaining event, such as a concert or comedy show. The opening acts for the event will be composed of all local Oakland, CA artists. This helps to create a platform for upcoming artists, to showcase their talents to their community. Then, a nationally recognized artist will take the stage as the headline performer. At the end of the headline performance, the artist and Entertainment Healers will present a donation to a local Oakland non-profit organization to help them achieve their mission. This is the unique part of the event. You see, through ticket sales, the attendees were able to make a donation to one of their community non-profit organizations. Entertainment Healers enabled the attendees to collectively make a donation, all while being entertained, empowered, and educated. 

      In summary, Entertainment Healers was able to improve access to healthcare, provide healthcare screenings, healthcare educational information, and connect aspiring healthcare students to mentors for guidance. The attendees were entertained by local artists followed by a nationally recognized headline performer. The attendees also collectively contributed to financially support a local non-profit organization, with a donation, through the purchase of their ticket for the event. This is how Entertainment Healers' events are created to be tailored to a specific community. Our goal is to host our next event in YOUR community! If you are entered in partnering with Entertainment Healers and bringing this event to your community, please feel free to contact us.   


Smile More, Hurt Less